Administrative Responsibilities | Front Office Staff

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Name Email Address Position             
Mr. Peter Gaffney [email protected] Principal
Kenneth V. Bevan Jr [email protected] Assistant Principal
Kejuana Carpenter [email protected] Assistant Principal
Arika Sutton [email protected] Assistant Principal
Tom Oliver [email protected] Assistant Principal
Angel Collins [email protected] School Administration Manager
Matt Hesselbart [email protected] School Administration Manager
Octavius Clark [email protected] Dean of Students
Chris Adamson [email protected] Science
Elhassanya Alibouch [email protected] ESE
Deborah Arnett [email protected] ESE
Polly (Mary) Arrington [email protected] Math
Bradley Ash [email protected] Social Studies             
Julie Athos [email protected] Fine Arts
Denise Banuelos [email protected] Network Specialist - Technology
Jay Bergman [email protected] Math
Darrin Beyea [email protected] ESE
Brian Black [email protected] ESE
Blanca Borrero [email protected] Discipline Secretary
Michael Bradley [email protected] Physical Education
Sarah Brevoort [email protected] Testing Coordinator
Debbie Briggs  [email protected] English
Kathy Brosch [email protected] Educational Technology Facilitator - Technology
Samantha Brugonone [email protected] Media
Katie Canteenwalla [email protected] World Languages
David Carter [email protected] English
Rocky Ciero [email protected] ESE
Brandi Cough [email protected] English
Carrie L. Crowe [email protected] English
Joseph Cummiskey [email protected] Social Studies
Elise C. Curran [email protected] Science
Tiffany DeBerry [email protected]  Athletic Secretary
Marlene DeBlau [email protected]
Julie DelRusso [email protected] ESE
Allyson Dubois [email protected] Social Studies
Jennifer Dunaye [email protected]  Literacy Coach
(Paige) Nicole Duplechain [email protected]  Math
Timothy Dycus [email protected] Fine Arts
Erik Dye [email protected] JROTC
Adam Efland [email protected] Applied Technology
Norm Erickson [email protected] English
Laila Esden [email protected] Speech
Traccie Eudell [email protected] Bookkeeper
Matthew Faulkner [email protected]
Kara Ferland [email protected] Fine Arts
Kyle Ferland [email protected] Fine Arts
Lauren Freeman [email protected] English
Scott French [email protected] Math
Tim Gallagher [email protected] Math
David Gardner [email protected] ESE
Pam Gaskill [email protected] English
Chris Gibbs [email protected] Executive Secretary
Scott Gomrad [email protected] Athletic Director
Lacey Gray [email protected] Science
Nicole Grey [email protected] English
Dawn Kaitlynn Hart [email protected] Science
Leticia (Tish) Haynes [email protected] English
Juan Hernandez [email protected] Math
Elizabeth Hill [email protected] Clinic/Secretary
Andrew Huskey [email protected] Science
Dottie Ivey [email protected] English
Dave Johnson [email protected] Science
Julie Kalicki [email protected] ESE Secretary
Ty Karnitz [email protected] Social Studies
Diane Klebanow [email protected]  ESE
Victoria Knott [email protected] English
Breana Krausman [email protected] Math
Rebekah Krausman [email protected] Math
Julie La Motta [email protected] Speech
Jami Lash [email protected] Students             
David Llerena [email protected] Science
Paula Lohman [email protected] ESE
Sean Loomis [email protected] Social Studies
Elizabeth Lord [email protected] ESE
Kaitlyn Lucas [email protected] Physical Education
Megan Maguire [email protected]
Jessica Martin [email protected] Social Studies
Slade Massie [email protected]
Social Studies
Lisa May [email protected] Social Studies
Marsha McBryde [email protected] Lead Counselor
Nisrine Merzouki [email protected] ESOL
Angela Miller [email protected] Physical Education
Katie Mitchell [email protected] English
Brittney Molloy [email protected]
Jenna Nikles [email protected] Science
Rashelle Oberle [email protected] English
Kurt Oettl [email protected] Social Studies
Dana Ogden [email protected] English
Erin Park [email protected] World Languages
Kyle Parker [email protected] English
Gabe Parnell [email protected] Science
Jason Patanjo [email protected] Study Skills
Bobby Peck [email protected] Social Studies
Jeanette Perez [email protected] English - ESOL
Joe Petro [email protected] Applied Technology
Lauren Phelps [email protected] ESE
Scottie Pierce [email protected] ESE
Frederick Ramie [email protected] JROTC
Betsy Register [email protected] Social Studies
Laura Richards [email protected] FTE
Anna Riddick [email protected] Fine Arts
Daniel Robie [email protected] World Languages
Lynda Salwen [email protected] English - ESOL
Jeff Schaefer [email protected] Social Studies
Lesley Schmidt [email protected] Math
Jen Seykoski [email protected] Math
Cody Silagyi [email protected] ESE
Jennifer Slone [email protected] Science
Kayla Slone [email protected]
 School Social Worker
Amber Smith [email protected]  Applied Technology
Elizabeth Spears [email protected] Math
Jozett Spence [email protected] Counselor             
Jathan Stanford [email protected] ESE
Teresa Steward [email protected] English
Kerry Sullivan [email protected] World Languages
Sonya Swartz [email protected] Applied Technology
Andrew Taylor [email protected] Social Studies 
Joniqua Taylor (Hamilton) [email protected] Science
Hamlet Tavarez [email protected] Math
Aracelis Torres [email protected] Science
Ashley Turner  [email protected]
Meredith Tweed [email protected] English
Cynthia Urena [email protected] Counselor
Paula Vickers [email protected] IB Coordinator, Instructional Coach, English
Alexandria Waldo [email protected] Student Services Secretary
Matthew Walusimbi [email protected] English
Amanda Wayne [email protected] Fine Arts
Kim Weinberg [email protected] Math
Heather White [email protected] Physical Education - Athletic Trainer
Alison Whyde [email protected] Counselor
Dawn Wilkerson [email protected] Fine Arts
Nia Williams [email protected] Social Studies
Brian Williams [email protected] Math
Jennifer Williams [email protected] Math
Schowonda Williams [email protected] ESE
Shawn Witherspoon [email protected] English
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