Clubs and Organizations


Ali's hope

Sponsor: Carrie Crowe ([email protected])

Room Number: 5-204

Description: TBA


Sponsor: Katie Canteenwalla ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-114

Description: The ASL Family is a group of students who are passionate about learning American Sign Language and connecting the Deaf and hearing communities through communication, events, and having fun! Students also have the opportunity to be inducted in the ASL Honor Society, based on volunteer hours and grades. Anyone can join, you don't have to be in an ASL class to participate.

Art club

Sponsor: Amanda Wayne ([email protected])

Room Number: 4-108

Description: The purpose of art club is to provide students who are interested in creating a place to collaborate and work on artwork, while hanging out with like-minded artists.  Students are to bring whatever they are working on to club each week.  All students are welcome.   


Asian student association (ASA)

Sponsor: Sean Loomis ([email protected])

Room Number: 5-111

Description: An interdisciplinary club focusing on the experiences and cultures of our Asian student demographic.



best buddies (Pit crew)

Sponsor: Lisa Lord ([email protected])

Room Number: 4-117

Description: Students that help students with disabilities.


BEta club

Sponsor: Kathy Brosch ([email protected])

Room Number: Media Center

Description: To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership and service among WSHS students.




Sponsor: Breana Krausman ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-104

Description: At WSHS Book Club, we meet the first Wednesday of every month to vote on and later discuss elements of the book such as development of characters, reoccuring themes, impatful moments, and overall favortie parts. In this club, we allow our members to connect with reading beyond an academic level and converse with readers who have similar literature taste.


Brain bowl

Sponsor: Daniel Robie ([email protected] )

Room Number: 6-203

Description: Brain Bowl is a quiz-bowl style competition. Come join our award-winning team as we represent WSHS vs. all other SCPS high schools. If you like Jeopardy, this club is for you!


Business professionals of america

Sponsor: Matthew Walusimbi ([email protected] )

Room Number: 5-115

Description: BPA provides an opportunity to foster business and financial knowledge, along with medical knowledge. It provides valuable information for students who are going to enter the real world soon.


chemistry CLUB

Sponsor: Jenna Nikles ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-214

Description: TBA 


chess club

Sponsor: Frederick Ramie ([email protected] )

Room Number: 7-109

Description: The WSHS Chess Club is designed for all players at any level. We meet once a week and will offer free play as well as lessons and tournaments.


Computer programming club

Sponsor: Tim Gallagher ([email protected] )

Room Number:

Description: TBA


Creative writing

Sponsor: Pamela Gaskill ([email protected] )

Room Number:4-208

Description: TBA


dance honor society

Sponsor: Breana Krausman ([email protected] )

Room Number: Dance Room 2-123

Description: DHS is open to all students who have a 3.5 GPA or higher and have an interest in dance. Students are expected to volunteer to teach and/or take dance classes for a total of 10 hours a semester. Some classes will be offered by WSHS dance team members. Students are also expected to perform at the dance Winter or Spring show. This could be a student choreographed solo or group dance.


Debate club

Sponsor: David Carter ([email protected] ) and Alexandria Sun Pigg ([email protected])

Room Number: 7-213

Description: For those who like to talk about and practice group debate and Lincoln-Douglas style debates.


Deca business and entrepreneurship

Sponsor: Alison DuBois ([email protected] )

Room Number:5-124

Description: DECA is a globally recognized business club that focuses on preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. With a mission to shape future leaders, DECA provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive business world. Through competitions, conferences, and networking opportunities, members of DECA are exposed to real-world scenarios and are challenged to think creatively, make informed decisions, and work collaboratively. As a result, DECA cultivates leadership, teamwork, and communication skills that are essential for success in any career field.


english honor society

Sponsor: Matthew Walusimbi ([email protected] )

Room Number: 5-115

Description: TBA


fashion club

Sponsor: Amanda Wayne ([email protected])

Room Number: 4-180

Description: Fashion club is a place to discuss and appreciate different types of fashion and fashion designers. Fashion club will allow club members the ability to learn how to sew and share their creations with club members and the community.

Flag football CLUB

Sponsor: Lesley Schmidt ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-121

Description: Flag football club is open to all students, regardless of experience. All are welcome to attend any or all meetings. No knowledge of flag football is required, as our mission is to educate and have fun.


Freshman class council

Sponsor: TBA

Room Number: TBA

Description: At the beginning of the Fall Semester, Freshmen students apply by application to join the 9th grade branch of SGA: Freshmen Council. This group organizes fundraisers and events as representatives of the Freshmen class. Students, in good standing, are recommended for class representatives and the leadership course.


gaming club

Sponsor: Juan Hernandez ([email protected])

Room Number: 5-119

Description: Welcome to gaming club. A club dedicated to video games. We play a wide range of different games including, new, classics, multiplayer, and single player. Students get to experience some of the most influential games that transformed the gaming industry. 



GAy straight alliance (GSA)

Sponsor: Kristin Falen ([email protected])

Room Number: 7-218

Description: Gay-Straight Alliances, or GSA, is a student-led and student-organized club that aims to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Gospel choir

Sponsor: Schowonda Williams ([email protected])

Room Number: 9-128

Description: The course brings together students of diverse cultures and beliefs that share a love for Gospel music. As a part of the class, students will share their gifts by performing at school, district, and community events.


health occupation students of america

Sponsor: Paula Vickers ([email protected])

Room Number: IB Lounge, 5-104

Description: HOSA is a global student-led organization which empowers HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community, through education, collaboration, and experience. HOSA actively promotes career opportunities in the health industry and enhances the delivery of quality health care to all people.


Hunnybears dance team

Sponsor: Breana Krausman ([email protected] ), Alison DuBois ([email protected]), Courtney Luton

Room Number: Dance Room 2-123

Description: Hunnybears is an audition-based dance team. The team participates at football games performing on the sidelines, performs at pep rallies, performs at community events such at Dancing for Diabetes, and competes at two regionals and one national competition every year. The purpose of the team is to teach discipline and passion.


Interact CLUB

Sponsor: Betsy Register ([email protected])

Room Number: 4-204

Description: Service above self. Interact stands for International Action. All Interact Clubs are part of the Rotary International organization. Student-led organization that focuses on volunteering to help build up the community.


INTERnational baccalaureate club

Sponsor: Paula Vickers ([email protected])

Room Number: 5-105

Description: It allows for IB students to come together and establish a sense of community along with working towards different projects such as the sock drive. 


junior class sponsor

Sponsor: Nia Williams ([email protected])

Room Number: 4-104

Description: The objective of this organization is to represent the junior class opinion, addressing campus needs through targeted programs and maintenance of tradition, and providing opportunities for leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life at Winter Springs High School.


JUNIOR optimist club

Sponsor: Elise Curran ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-208

Description: Volunteer Community Service organization. Activities are student-led and involve myriad activities such as First Responder projects, Optimist Cheer, GROW, Trunk or Treat and a dozen others.


kappa pi (art honor society)

Sponsor: Julie Athos ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-207

Description: Kappa Pi is an honors based club for art students. The members must be recommended by their current art instructor. We work on school and community based art projects.


Key club

Sponsor: Jennifer Williams ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-105

Description: Key Club is student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects, and holding elected leadership positions.



Sponsor: Daniel Robie ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-203

Description: Latin Club and Latin Honor Society are the social and service activities related to Latin at WSHS. Various events may occur during the school year.



Sponsor: Jeanette Perez ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-202

Description: TBA


Mu alpha theta (math honor society)

Sponsor: Breana Krausman ([email protected] )

Room Number:6-104

Description: Math Honor Society--math competitions; math contests made up/local; math fun with like minds. Student with a 3.0, B, average in math classes may apply. Fees are based on National and Florida memberships.

NATIONAL honor society (NHS)

Sponsor: Joe Cummiskey ([email protected]), Chris Adamson ([email protected])

Room Number: WSHS Auditorium

Description: TBA



Sponsor: Paula Vickers ([email protected])

Room Number: Class - period 7 - no experience to join

Description: The Bear Truth is a student generated publication that informs its readers about events that are relevant to WSHS and the community at large.


odyssey of the mind

Sponsor: Amanda Wayne ([email protected])

Room Number: 4-108

Description: Scholastically minded students are given the opportunity to compete just like sports offer the opportunity for athletically inclined students.


pre-collegiate minority club

Sponsor: Marsha McBryde ([email protected])

Room Number: Student Services College and Career Room

Description: To expose minority students to the idea of attending an institution of higher learning through field trips to college campuses, guest speakers, & meetings with college representatives.


Pro start (culinary)

Sponsor: Adam Efland ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-115

Description: This is for top junior and senior culinary students only to try out for our culinary competition team


rangeela Bears

Sponsor: Jeanette Perez ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-202

Description: TBA 


renewable energy honor socity

Sponsor: David Johnson ([email protected])

Room Number: Cafe 8-112

Description: This honor society focuses on educating the community about energy conservation and clean energy technologies, promoting these ideas and working to get them incorporated into everyday life. The honor society meets the 1st Monday of every month, has activities after some meetings, does campus recycling of plastic and aluminum, has after school workshops, and participates in community STEM events. Signups are at the beginning of each year, check social media, BNN, and campus bulletin boards for application information.


Rho kappa (social studies honor society)

Sponsor: Bobby Peck ([email protected])

 Room Number:4-105

Description: The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies among High School students.


science national HONOR SOCIETY

Sponsor: Jenna Nikles (SECME) ([email protected]), Andrew Huskey (Vex) ([email protected])

Room Number: 6-214

Description: Students will participate in at least one science competition each year (such as VEX robotics, SECME, science fair, etc) and maintain a B average or higher in their science course.


Senior class sponsor

Sponsor: Pam Gaskill ([email protected])

Room Number:4-208

Description: TBA



Sponsor: Ty Karnitz ([email protected])

Room Number: 5-114

Description: TBA


Spanish honor society

Sponsor: Erin Park ([email protected]), Jeanette Perez ([email protected])

Room Number:6-204

Description: The Spanish Honor Society is an honor society for students enrolled in Spanish. The club will promote and strengthen the knowledge of Hispanic language and culture and serve our community.


Step team

Sponsor: Jennifer Dunaye ([email protected])

Room Number: 4-214

Description: TBA 


Student government association (SGA)

Sponsor: Pamela Gaskill ([email protected])

Room Number: 4-208

Description: Students organize & run the ICC (Inner Club Council), attend meetings with other HS SGAs and school board members. We support other clubs and organizations in fundraisers and activities on campus. Leadership also plans homecoming - and the juniors/seniors in the class plan class specific activities.


Swag - students for christ

Sponsor: Joe Cummiskey ([email protected])

Room Number: 4-223

Description: Student Warriors Awakening Generations


thespian honor society

Sponsor: Anna Riddick ([email protected])

Room Number: Drama Classroom/Auditorium

Description: Students who have contributed a certain number of work hours (typically two mainstage productions) to the WSHS Theatre Company are invited to join the International Thespian Society Troupe #5777. These students are involved with either/both performance and technical theatre and attend competitions and special events. Meetings are open to any student interested in the WSHS Theatre Company.


Tri m music honor society

Sponsor: Kyle Ferland ([email protected]), Kara Ferland ([email protected])

Room Number: Chorus Room

Description: Tri-M is a National Music Honors Society available to all students currently enrolled in Band or Chorus. Members must have a 4.0 in their music class, a 3.0 overall, and earn musical community service hours throughout the school year.


video club

Sponsor: Dawn Wilkerson ([email protected])

Room Number: 2-107

Description: This club is about the love of making fun movies. We meet, come up with a script, and film and edit a big movie together. 


wellness club

Sponsor: Carrie Crowe ([email protected])

Room Number: 5-204

Description: The club aims to reduce the stigma of mental health illnesses and increase awareness and acceptance, while promoting health, compassion and kindness to self and others.



Sponsor: Rashelle Oberle ([email protected])

Room Number: 7-210

Description: The class aims to provide students with practice in photojournalism, design, journalistic ethics, and production of a product.


Young life

Sponsor: Chris Storms ([email protected])

Room Number: TBA

Description: TBA


YOUNG men of excellence

Sponsor: Shawn Witherspoon ([email protected])

Room Number: TBA

Description: The fundamental purpose of YMOE Initiative and Curriculum is to increase the overall achievement rates of minority male and female students at Winter Springs High School. Participants meet regularly as an elective course toward graduation. Alternative off-site enhancement activities are scheduled to provide additional learning experiences for the participants.



Sponsor: Schowonda Williams ([email protected])

Room Number: 9-128

Description: The fundamental purpose of YWOE Initiative and Curriculum is to increase the overall achievement rates of minority male and female students at Winter Springs High School. Participants meet regularly as an elective course toward graduation. Alternative off-site enhancement activities are scheduled to provide additional learning experiences for the participants.

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